What are the important uses of artificial leather?

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1. Clothing, shoes and hats:

Because its appearance is similar to real leather and its price is more affordable, artificial leather has become an ideal material for making jackets, pants, shoes and other clothing and shoes. Not only does it have excellent thermal insulation effect, but it is also easier to maintain and will not be affected by sun or rain. In addition, the diversity and customizability of artificial leather also provide designers with more creative space to meet the different aesthetic needs of consumers.



2. Home decoration field:

In the home furnishing market, artificial leather is also making a splash. It can be used to make sofas, chairs, beds and other furniture. It not only looks stylish, but also has waterproof and wear-resistant properties, making the furniture more durable and easy to clean. In addition, artificial leather can also be used for wall decoration, partition decoration, etc., adding unique visual effects and layering to home spaces.



3. Automotive interiors field:

The application of artificial leather in automobile interiors is also becoming increasingly popular. Because of its softness, wear resistance, and versatility, artificial leather can be used in many parts such as car seats, door panels, and steering wheels. It not only improves the class and comfort of the car, but is also loved by the majority of car owners because it is easy to clean and maintain.



Do you know other uses of leather in life?



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