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Singrui Leather: Leading the B2B environmental revolution and unlocking the infinite value of eco-leather
In today's B2B world, the term "environmental revolution" is frequently used, but its true definition and value may still be quite misunderstood. As a leading supplier of synthetic Leather and textile
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Artificial leather can be seen everywhere in life
It is now the world of faux leather!The use of synthetic leather or artificial leather has really grown in recent years.This man-made fabric uses both PU or polyurethane that is pigmented so that it r
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Today, I want to show you how our team can leverage its advantages in business, documents, procurement, warehousing, etc. to create value for you!Business Team: Our business team is like a "market hun
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Today, let’s talk about a topic that’s threading its way into the very #fabric of our industry—embracing  #fauxleather, a path to sustainable style that values our planet as much as it does our pencha
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1. Clothing, shoes and hats:Because its appearance is similar to real leather and its price is more affordable, artificial leather has become an ideal material for making jackets, pants, shoes and oth
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